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Apr 26, 2015:RT @besosnotbombsaz: "We all on the same team, blues & pirus, no colors ain't a thing"-Rapsody. #Solidarity for #FreddieGray in #Baltimore ?
Apr 17, 2015:@Misskeepin100 wyd? Today
Feb 14, 2015:Brandy song coming soon....I post a link up soon.
Feb 8, 2015:@Pharrell @TheGRAMMYs @wearefromLA @Woodkid @iconoclast_i @MimiValdes Nice
Feb 2, 2015:@ShirleyMurdock and me at the Ambience Center friday night in Fayetteville NC I had a blast! God Bless u Shirley.


                   On Tha Scene The Lazarus Phoenix Connection Sept 30th 

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